Triskel Arts Centre Wedding

Cork City Wedding: Ceremony, Photoshoot & Reception.

An epic wedding of pure joy, fun and laughter. The rainy weather could not stop the couple, friends and family from having the most amazing day. October is normally dry and crisp with beautiful autumn colours. And so the plan was to get wedding photographs fallen leaves in a city and a brisk walked through bustle of the city. In a typical Irish way, the heavens opened and water lashed down from the skies. This did not dampen any spirits and one of the most enjoyable weddings took place.

The wedding photos took place throughout Cork City. By the grace of those looking over them, a 30 minute window appeared. The rain eased off, giving us the chance to walk through the city. the ground could not have been wetter but the Bride and Groom were kept dry themselves. This lead to one of the most astonishing scenes on a wedding day. While it may not happen again…I for one, think it should become a tradition…”and now for the cutting of the dress!”…

a teaser of their wedding photos

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Testimonial from Triskel Arts Centre Wedding

“Guys, we literally have no words!!!

I cannot believe just how hard ye work and all while smiling!!

Those pics are so much more than I could have imagined!!

Thank ye so so much!

The both of ye really made our day.

The whole wedding party couldn’t compliment ye enough.

It genuinely would have been a very different wedding without ye!!”

Luke, Kate and Ivy xxx

Cutting of the Wedding Dress

Quick back story…

It rained, rained a lot, in fact when I looked up how much, rain was observed every half hour night and day except for 15:30, when mist was observed! Just so happens in that small window the bride insisted her wedding day would not be ruined or impacted by the rain. The photoshoot plan was to walk from the Triskel to the Everyman. Stops included the Peace Park for autumn leaves, the giant mural and gates, the Grand Parade Fountain, Oliver Plunket Street hustle n bustle, Old Oak Jazz Flags, Canty’s Bar Colour, the Stage Door at Crane Lane, Brown Thomas Halloween window, Bridges over the River Lee and into the Everyman Theatre.

So doing all that! The wedding dress train mopped up a ridiculous amount of rain water. So much that it took 3 to carry:

(2 vids in insta post: 2nd vit, to the right arrow is the cutting)

Father of the bride cuts the wedding dress…

Pulling up to the Address Hotel Cork in the VW vintage van, the weight of the dress was too much. There was only one solution…”Dad cut the train off my wedding dress”…

(2 vids in insta post: 2nd vit, to the right arrow is the cutting)


@lauraandbennyp The bride’s dad cut the wedding dress #bride #weddingdress ♬ original sound – Laura & Benny Photography

Wedding Video

a slideshow of their Wedding Photos to a banging tune!

More about Triskel Arts Centre

Church come cinema and occasional theatre the Triskel Arts Centre is beaming with character and atmosphere. Perfect for Wedding Ceremonies whether you want moody low lights or to show off the colours and textures of the building and Christchurch room.

Rows of seats akin to a presbyterian church, modernly cushioned with velvet red (pews never had it so good). The room holds a comfortable formality to get the nervous going. Stage lightly allows for so much flexibility in mood design couples are spoiled for choices when setting their ceremony theme.

The front entrance from South Main Street has a façade to rival most ceremony space. 4 stone pillars flank 3 giant doors. The out porch shelters guests from the elements while the inner porch gives them a chance to compose themselves before entering the main room at the Christchurch.

The second floor balcony, while it may not be used as part of your ceremony adds to the epic feel and grandeur of the room.

You may or may not notice it but there is a semi-dome behind the stage, options to have the light from the stain glass covered or let in, is there.

Triskel Christchurch has so mush to offer if you are lucky enough to get access for your city centre wedding, we recommend you take it with both hands.