Engagement shoot and more

Engagement Shoot.

Proposal Shoot.

Anniversary Shoot.

Capture partners in love, sharing special moments in the privacy of each others company.

Whether you are 20 years married, newly engaged or do not even know what is about to happen! Laura and Benny are here to help you capture moments in time when you truly embrace the relationship you have and get a photograph to record it. So many people say they have so few photographs of each other. Even as husband and wife photographers we are guilty of not getting photographs together enough. Laura and Benny’s friendly approach will put you at ease in front of the camera and allow you to interact genuinely. Their partnership allows photographs to be capture that a spectacular and emotional. You will have photographs to remember the moment and share as you see fit.

Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a great way to celebrate promise that has been made. Laura and Benny will meet with the couple, find out all that they need to know, ease the couple through a walk at a fantastic location, resulting in many many brilliant photographs. The photographs of the engagement shoot are great to have of just the two of you, the photos could be used for wedding invitations, wedding guest signing frames or signing books and even as part of a  photo album.

The engagement shoot can take place anytime before your wedding day. You may wish to have it in the same season as your wedding day in a prior year. You could have the shoot in a season or location completely different to your wedding plans, creating a contrast to your wedding day.

As a relaxed and fun shoot engagement shoot can be a good way to get comfortable in front of the camera as well as getting comfortable with photographers but the most imported thing is you (two) and capturing your interactions.

Proposal Shoot

Surprise! Yep, would you believe it, Laura and Benny sometimes know before the other partner that someone is getting down on one knee. This is one of Laura and Benny’s favourite type shoots. Laura and Benny work with the proposing partner make everything come together as they envisioned so that Laura and Benny are out of sight but in the right spot to get the build too, the Proposal, the reaction afterwards and a celebration photograph once all the emotions have settled down (a little).

Whether you are hiking up a mountain with a 3 piece band or decking out a hotel accompanied by a harpist Laura and Benny can photograph that magical moment.

Anniversary Shoot

Whatever the Wedding Anniversary is, it is a great way to pay testament to your years of marriage by getting photographs together. If there is a location that means something special to you or you just want to capture a moment together a shoot makes sure you we actually have to photographs to look back at.

Pricing of a Shoot:

A shoot starts at €300. You receive all you digital photographs online and in a USB. Laura and Benny are extremely flexible regarding travel operating out of locations in Cork and Dublin. For the more difficult to reach locations a supplement may be required but this will be a reasonable as possible.

For those that capture a proposal we are delighted to offer a Proposal/Engagement Combo for €500. So after everyone has composed themselves after the big question we can venture out another day for more.

There is no obligation to engage in services or purchase products afterwards but Laura and Benny offer a range including but not limited to:

  • Wedding Day Photography
  • Framed Prints
  • Photo Albums
  • Signing Products

Email: info@lauraandbennyphotography.com