After Wedding Shoot

Post or After Wedding Photo Shoot.

Whether it is a full on Trash the Dress or mellow couple photo shoot you are looking for, an After Wedding shoot/session is a great idea to get more fun and personal photographs of you and your new married partner.

Irish Wedding Days are full on, from early morning preparation to early morning sing songs and what goes in between, there is little time to spare. Indeed in many countries the wedding couple’s photo shoot does not happen on the wedding day. Some of the fantastic and daring images you see shared on social media happen after the wedding day celebrations.

On a Wedding Day many are rightly concerned with protecting their dress, suits and shoes. Getting additional photographs after your wedding allows you to be more care free with your prizes attire and have more fun. Whether you want to walk in crashing waves of the sea, hike up a mountain or muck out on a farm, you can get extraordinary wedding photographs without the fear or ruining you weddings clothes on your wedding day.

Laura and Benny will help you capture your After Wedding photographs in a fun and natural way while still achieving unique stand out images.

At an After Wedding photo shoot you can go fun hog and get hair, make up and dressed as you did on your Wedding Day or you can go more natural, hair down. Let loose and enjoy the fantastic clothes you wore but relax!

Some ideas or examples of what is possible (and really it is anything you are willing to to!):

  • walk freely the in sand or muck and not worry!
  • kick the waves in shallow water
  • stand in a fountain!!
  • go deep in the forest and care not of everything in the woods from head to toe
  • sit up on a horse
  • embrace you dog
  • trash your dress (flour, paint, muck, smoke)
  • lie in the grass
  • go to any location you otherwise “could not” in your wedding dress

Even if you do not want to do anything extreme, an After Wedding shoot could be for you. Maybe you did not get all the photographs you want, may be it rained all day, may be you wanted a sunset! Whatever you feel was messing Laura and Benny can help you get more.


After Wedding Shoots are available from €500, that includes all digital photographs on a USB and online.

In the extreme case of travel a supplement may be required. We try our best not to have additional pricing. We aim to enjoy and experience photographic opportunities rather than use it as an excuse to charge.

Laura and Benny will communicate with you to find out what you are looking to achieve and help you in every way they can to make the Post Wedding experience as fun and important as the Wedding Day photographs.