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It is well confirmed that Laura and Benny now have a dedicated wedding videographer cork team: Weddimony Films. Weddimony Films is a partnership of videographers in Cork with Laura and Benny’s Wedding Photography. If you love the approach and photographs Laura and Benny capture, then the best wedding videography match for your wedding day is with Weddimony Films.

Laura and Benny still work with other videographers. So don’t fear their are lots of options.

The partnership is made up some of the best camera operates Laura and Benny have worked with over the years. The aim is to capture your day in a discrete manor. Allowing you to enjoy your day and forget that filming of your wedding day is happening. Have the fantastic natural celebration and be totally amazed by the moments caught on video.

Here is a quick Teaser from a Wedding in Cork City. The couple totally felt at ease with Laura and Benny and Weddimony Films were there to capture it.

Wedding Videographer capture Cork City Wedding, just a tease of…

Award Winning

Laura and Benny are Award Winning Photographers and they have set that standard for the wedding videographers. They love facilitating the joy of weddings while producing the best quality natural images. Similarly the films produced by Weddimony are natural in that they document your day and the editing is to a true colour tone. While trends in styles come and go, the aim is to produce wedding films to stand the test of time. Let cinematic be for the cinema and filters be for socials. When you watch back the films in years to come, the real feel will come true the screen and allow you to remember the big day for how it was.

Here is a nice Trailer that shows you can have your wedding exactly how you want and still have a wonderful video showing the joy of your small intimate wedding.

Wedding Videographers capturing your day your way

Follow the socials

Instagram is a great way to follow your suppliers and get a taste of their work. Follow Weddimony Films, Wedding Videographers Cork on Insta @weddimonyfilms . You can see the energy and responses to the films.

Wedding Videography Packages

Weddimony Films offer full day coverage of your wedding. Along with Laura and Benny they unsure the key parts of the day are covered while still allowing you and you guests to let loose on the dance floor and have privacy when it matters. The first few party songs are recorded. Then your guest are free to let loose with any evidence as they party the night away. likewise in the morning there is a fine art to: as to when to record and when to let people do some prep. Weddimony achieve a fine balance of documenting the wedding morning preparations, being discrete and not having a camera in your face at the too early or at the wrong moment.

Some more teasing from the films of a Cork Christmas Wedding.

Photos & Video Seamlessly

Weddimony Films - Laura and Benny Photography - Wedding Videographers Cork - Small Wedding
Weddimony Films - Laura and Benny Photography - Wedding Videographers Cork - City Wedding
Weddimony Films - Laura and Benny Photography - Wedding Videographers Cork - Christmas Wedding

In Ireland we do everything possible in one day for a wedding. In Cork we can have fair distance to cover. So getting your photographs and video done in a combined and efficient manor is important. Yes capture specials moments but lets not mis the party. The team created buy Laura and Benny are absolutely on the same wave length and everyone works together get you those epic images and video whiling getting you to the drinks reception in a reasonable time.


“Unreal. You cover everything and let use enjoy our day. We have total trust in you and recommend everyone to book photo and video.”

Mairead and Damien

The reviews and communication we get back from Couples, their family and fellow suppliers is amazing. We truly put our heart and soul into weddings so for it to be noticed and appreciated. On of the most unexpected compliments was from an uncle of a bride who was a retired videographer. “I go to a lot of weddings and see the modern lads but none have a patch on your operation. Everything about you is of the high professionalism, from the personality to the equipment and teamwork.”


Easy to overlook when searching for your wedding videographer, is what film edits do you get. There are great variety of options out there. People do not always realise what they have signed up for, a extended highlight or full film. Similar to our no nonsense photography packages, we decided to cover off all angles with the videography.

You get 4 edits, that is 4 video files. A Teaser of the Films, a Trailer for the Films and then a Short Film and a Feature Film. The full length Feature Film covers off the full ceremony, speeches and first dance (and much more). The Short Film cuts down to the key moments of the day. The Teaser and Trailer are those share able edits that everyone loves, those quick watches, that make you smile and cry at the same time.

App & USB

Being super techie we have you covered for you viewing pleasure. Not only are the Films viewable from the dedicated video app, if you have Laura and Benny for photos they will at them to the Photo App so that all you wedding footage is in one location. USBs? Yep we have you cover and future proofed. To keep it simple we give you compressed watchable files and bulky high resolution files. Made easy and all explained when the time comes for yo to plug them into your TV or PC.

Geographical Coverage

Yes we are Wedding Videographers in Cork, but where ever Laura goes we will follow! Kerry is back with a bang and you will see a lot of our weddings are in Killarney. Waterford Castle hosted a great film day. even if we end up in Kilkenny or Tipp we have you covered.

You can check out all the video details at