Wedding Photographers Prices Cork and Ireland

June 2022 Update

With the wedding season for 2022 well under way and the most sought-after photographers in Ireland almost fully booked for 2023. We can see how much a wedding photographer will cost in Ireland in 2024. That said it is always worth enquiring about your wedding date no matter the lead time. Random dates are available due to wedding suppliers trying to complete the jigsaw of their calendar each year.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland?

The price range for a wedding photographer is between €1,000 and €2,700 (digital only) and between €1,400 and €4,300 for Wedding Album Packages.

Cost – How much is a Wedding Photographer in Cork?

A Wedding Photographer in Cork will cost €1,800 upwards.

In the same way there is a cost of living difference in Cork versus Dublin, or a Salary gap. You could rent a room in the IFSC in Dublin for €650 or a small house in Midleton, Cork for the same price. There is naturally a price differential between wedding service providers in Cork and Dublin.

Average Wedding Photographer Spend in Ireland is between €1,600 to €1,900

National wedding cost surveys vary in average spend on photographers from €1,600 to €1,900 (WeddingsOnline, One Fab Day etc). With starting package prices in Dublin beginning at €2,000, up to a basic price of €2,700. The average spend inn Ireland may be a fair range for wedding day digital coverage (without a wedding album). Counties outside of Dublin balancing the average price downwards.

Dublin Photographers that Photograph in Cork – How much?

In the same way we cover Munster and Leinster (and a few other spots, always ask!). Dublin Photographers will travel to photograph weddings in Cork. The high end of the price range is €2,400 to €2,700 for full day coverage. Dinner bell cover tends to be €2,000 to €2,200.

The mid-range pricing for a Dublin Photographer shooting in Cork will be around €1,800 to €2,200 for full day.

Munster Photographers that Photograph in Cork – How Much?

Cork Wedding Photographers cost in the range €1,800 to €2,250 for full day digital coverage.

Quality Wedding Albums cost €500 to €1,000.

Naturally you we find photographers at different price points. In Cork the price ranges are €1,200 to €1,450 with a mid-range of about €1,500 to €1,750 (full day digital wedding photography, no album).

How much does a second photographer cost?

Some packages include 2 photographers on your wedding day. Some duo photographers split up, some stick together all day. Similarly, solo photographers may or may not offer a second shooter.

Those charging for a second shooter tends to be €500. A range would be €300 to €500.

What is a reasonable price for wedding photographer in Ireland?

A reasonable price for a wedding photographer in Ireland either side of €1,850.

What you will find in Cork and in most counties in Ireland, is there will be photographers in a similar price ranges, pockets of photographers at certain cost points. So, in Cork you will find many photographers around €1,800 as a starting price. There will also be a group of photographers starting at around €1,400 and photographers for less than €1,000.

It is important when looking at the price of photographers to look at what is included. Quality, experience and level of service will drive price, When trying to compare photographers and trying to obtain value, you may have to combine a few add-ons say from one photographer to compare it to a similar package of another photographer. We can break parts of packages down later.

Make sure to see our Packages and Pricing.

Wedding Albums might be included in some packages and may be separate in other photographers’ packages. Wedding Albums can vary in quality, style, size and design. A small wedding album costs around €400/€500, with larger sizes costing up to €1,000+.

To summarise all that, Digital photographs may cost €1,000 to €2,500, Album Packages may cost €1,400 to €4,000.

Wedding Photographers Cork Ireland

On our way to becoming wedding photographers of the year in Ireland for 2020 we photographed throughout Ireland and without a doubt Cork holds its own. Whether it is for people, wedding service providers or wedding venues Cork is not short of the best to offer. For wedding photographs, Cork will not let you down and for wedding photographers Cork has a fine selection. Indeed, with the motorways and modern cars Ireland is so more accessible in recent times that photographers cover a larger area. This is bringing a variety of photographers to wedding couples getting married in Cork. As well as bringing a variety to the work of Cork wedding photographers, capturing wedding days throughout Ireland.

Budgeting for Wedding Photographers

You may have an over target spend on your wedding. You will then try allocating the cost where you see fit, prioritising certain items. Your priority may or may not be photographs. Whatever item is important, you may expect to spend a certain amount. However, on research you may need to revise your target spend up to get something you really like the look of. Alternatively, you may get a good deal and have a bit to spare.

For photography, look at photographs and hopefully you will find a style that you like or love. You may already have an idea of the type of photographs you like. This should help you narrow down the number of photographers that you are drawn to. From that you can get a feel for the price of those photographers that catch your eye.

Personality, in general getting the right services providers on your day is about matching personality as well as the product they deliver. Get to know your photographer via online material or in person. Once you are comfortable you are happy to spend your wedding day with the wedding photographer and you like their end product you have found you wedding photographer. Matching those things may cost more or less than you expected.

In general, please do remember to leave a buffer in you overall budget, something will most likely come up that you will need extra for.

Justifying the cost of wedding photographers

The price range of photographers is wide, how can I find the right price for me?

Read the reviews. Well established photographers that garner a higher price will have collection of reviews. The quality of the photographer’s service should shine through as people speak to their experience.

Portfolio. A body of work should be evident, websites and social media should have plenty to see. You should get a feel for what they regularly achieve.

Equipment. The cost of professional equipment and maintaining standards at the high end add value to the service you get. This includes on the wedding day and afterwards (computers, storage etc).

Skill. The time and knowledge acquired by the photographer will stand to them in the moment on a wedding day. As to whether they can react and capture the photographer under the circumstances.

Personality. As mentioned, personality matching is a big part of the wedding day. Having a personality that can operate in many situations is priceless and will bring only positives to your celebrations.

Professional. Photographers that will deliver and photographers that behave appropriately.

Insurance. In order to photograph in certain locations Photographers, need to have insurance. In general, any correctly run business should have insurance.

A combination of the above and the price, will help you find value that suits you.

Wedding Photography Packages


Digital packages, this means receiving the digital photograph (jpeg) either on a USB or Online, either or both ways. Wedding Photographers in Cork tend to offer this service as the basic package. Rarely you may see this price split into a wedding day fee and a delivery fee. Be sure you add it all up to the true cost of getting your digital photographs.


Cork photographers are normally happy to cover the entire day, that is morning preparations until the first dance and a bit of dancing after.

Commonly you may find packages that cover to the bell call for dinner. It may include speeches before meal. There may be an additional package that includes after dinner speeches and dancing. This may come in the form of an add-on cost.

Coverage of mornings, locations and any limitations should be watched out for. Try to identity any caveats early.

Wedding Albums

Wedding Photographers in Cork all offer wedding albums. Albums will vary in style, quality and finish based on their manufacturer. In general Cork photographers offer 3 sizes. A small album that is slightly smaller than A4 size, a medium that is probably most popular and a large album (like a big atlas, photos jump of the page).

Number of Photographers

Most Wedding Photographers operate solo, the nature of the industry that a photographer builds up their skill and experience progressing into self-employment. To combine with a like minded and like skilled photographer is rare. Depending on the approach of the photographer advantages can be achieve with one or two shooters. It is about what they are trying to achieve and delivering.

There are photographer duos like ourselves or some photographer will charge an add-on to get a second for the day.

Number of Photographs

Do look out for the number of photographs you are being promise. Quality of quantity is important, but you should watch out for any short cuts, make sure your entire day is covered.

Cork’s Venues and Photoshoot Locations

You mentioned Cork has great venues for wedding photography, what are they?

In east Cork photographers love working at Garryvoe Hotel and Barnabrow House due to their proximately to Ballycotton, the cliffs and harbour. And of course, beaches at Ballywilling and Garryvoe itself are a photographer’s dream no matter the weather in Cork.

Staying in East Cork, Castlemartyr Resort has all a photographer needs in the grounds. Water, bridges, castle ruins, pristine gardens, even a horse and cart. The Hotel itself has indoor locations for windy wet weather back up.

Fota Island Resort of the same ilk as Castlemartyr offers a Chinese garden and woods to boot. Next door to the Resort in Fota House and Gardens (OPW, insurance required for cork photographers). Fota House hosts wedding ceremonies as well as being available for photoshoots. The grounds are vast with a lake, rose garden, lawns, woods. Fota House will look after photographs all year round and is one of Corks favourite wedding photoshoot locations.

As we move more central to Cork, we have a trio of excellent wedding venue hotels: Radisson Blu Little Island, Vienna Woods and the Maryborough. Each are experts at hosting weddings and work excellent with all service providers, including photographers.

If you want to get City photographs, be it graphite walls, busy streets or Christmas lights photographers will be happy to shoot in the Imperial Hotel, The Kinsley or Hayfield manor. Ceremony wise the Honan UCC is a steadfast of Cork photographers, the grounds are unmatched by any church in Cork. The Triskel Centre is a great alternative venue for ceremonies too.

At opposite ends of Cork but in a similar style is Springfort Hall, Mallow and Fernhill House, Clonakilty. I tag them together as cork photographers will know them well. Each have grounds onsite for wedding photographs as well as quality indoors settings. If you want a bit more Doneraile Park is close by (Mallow, insurance needed).

If we stay west Cork, Dunmore House and Inchydoney Hotel face each other Ring Head by Clonakilty Bay. Both with Beach access, to the smaller private Duneen Bay Beach and grand Inchydoney Beech itself. Photographers, bridal party and all may want to hold on to their as Inchydoney can be one of the windiest places in Cork to photograph, the result as spectacular so it is well worth it.

Finally, if we stop of in Kinsale, wedding photographers use Charlesfort a lot particularly when wedding are at the Kinsale Hotel, Actons Hotel or Trident Hotel. Ballinacurra House is a photographer’s dream, there is no need to go anywhere else when photographing weddings there.

I almost forgot Blarney Gardens, in the summer months cork photographers could be there 5 times or more and it is quite common to cross paths with other wedding couples and wish them look. That in turn reminds me of Regional Park, Ballincollig and the Oriel House Hotel.

If I have not mentioned any venue or photoshoot location do forgive me, Cork has so much to offer and wedding photographers are spoilt.

Check out our Featured Weddings for images of Cork Weddings.

Who are the Wedding Photographers Cork?

So, who are some of the wedding photographers in Cork? Well of course you have the one and only: Laura and Benny Photography! You are here so you can find out all about us.

Great ways to research are of course via search engines like Google and directories like Weddings Online.

If we are not available, make sure to check out Janusz T Photography, a cork duo.

On Weddings Online you will find the likes of Sean Sharpe (great character), Sean Jefferies and others that cover cork.

Search engines will show the likes Dermot Sullivan, SOSAC, Casey, Forde and Hennessey photography and many more.

Instagram will have endless number of photographs by wedding photographers in Cork, it is well worth scrolling through them to find styles that you like.

Still cannot find what you are looking for? As we mentioned photographers commonly travel greater distances in Ireland. We cover all of Munster and Leinster so spread your search as you will find a wedding photographer in Ireland to photograph your day in a style that you like.