Happy New Year Ireland Weddings

Weddings in 2021 were a blast

A photographic review of 2021 Weddings in Ireland

Published: 30 December 2021

Despite all the external impacts on Weddings in Ireland during 2021, Weddings were an absolute blast! On the Wedding Day they were fantastic and looking back we think weddings were even more great!

2021 was rougher than we expected: with guidelines, restrictions and variants. 2022 is going to start of pretty bleak, but as we mention on our latest COVID podcast (Spotify or search other apps) 2022 might just be a weddings paradise. Even if Benny is going to wear his mask for 2 more years. Even if there is another variant. For the majority of 2022 we expect you to have as many guests as you want at your weddings, dancing to be legal, Live Music not to be banned and the craic (of course) to be 90! (at Irish weddings). The release of joy and happiness is none more evident than at COVID-19 Pandemic Weddings, here is to another year!

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