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Laura and Benny Show – Season 7

April 2024

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Episode 1 – We are Back – 2024 Weddings in Ireland

It is 2024 Wedding Season in Ireland! Laura and Benny are back to chat about all things weddings and a few random side topics.

Irish People love weddings and if anything, weddings grow year on year. People forever find their own way own doing weddings, putting to own personal touch to their day.

A brief chat to say hello, we are back and we are still here. Laura and Benny mention the busy year that was 2023. Touch on a couple holidays they snuck in between photographing weddings.

At birthday parties. As life goes on we get older, but Laura is still feeling 22, roller skating.

The flag was raised for suppliers to come chat with Laura and Benny this season, as they commit to having more chats.




Episode 2 – Weddimony Films – Who be thems Wedding Videographers?

Irish Wedding Videographers

Benny has a brief Tech / AI rant. Laura introduces Weddimony Films. Weddimony Films are Wedding Videographers in partnership with Laura and Benny.

The video team, like Laura and Benny only take 1 wedding per day. Laura and Benny still work with other videographers but offer a video package that is combines to leverage off Laura’s approach even more. The edits delivered and discrete approach to recording is discussed.

Benny teases Laura on your geography knowledge, counties of Ireland can be tricky!

Laura wants to give high fives to suppliers.

10 years married in 2024, with 10 years coming up for Laura and Benny Photography.

Banshee Babet stops in to say hello and chew Benny.

#wedding #ireland #podcast

Weddimony Films has officially available to the wider public. Weddimony Films provides wedding videography both to Laura & Benny couples and beyound. Check out




Episode 3 – The Celebrant is Coming to Solemnise You

Wedding Ceremony Officiants

The response from suppliers to the podcast call out has been amazing! First up is going to be a Celebrant/Officiant/Solemniser.

So laura and Benny pounder true love ceremonies verse legal ceremonies verse religious ceremonies.

3rd time married is a charm for some.

Laura tells us some of her favourite parts of the Ceremonies, including some alternative approaches to key moments.

Mums should be allowed ride in cars! They mothers love playing host on wedding days.

Warning on how not to scupper the couples’ plans on their wedding day.

Ringer bearer tip whether you are 3 or 33.

Banshee gets in on the podcast again.

Music gets a shout out of course. Y’up the Fiona Kennedy.

Book tickets now:

Love Marriages, enough said?




S07 E04 – Linda Foley Celebrant – Registered Solemniser – Entheos

Wedding Celebrant Ireland

Linda Foley a wedding celebrant from Entheos joins Laura and Benny to talk all things Wedding Ceremonies. And more including, baking, beautiful coffee cupcakes for Benny!

Linda Foley is a Registered Solemniser, which is explained in this episode, along with the various types of wedding ceremonies people can have.

Great wedding advice is given. Plan and prepare: but let the day happen and there is beauty in the mistakes, mishaps and randomness of life.

Linda is there to guide you through the process and the ceremony itself, allowing each ceremony to be unique. We cover the whole process from pre chats right up to each moment of ceremonies.

Officiants are becoming highly sought after, like many tradition categories of wedding suppliers.

Super tip given for the Green Folder (legal documents).

Love Marriages are discussed. Things get serious in referendum talk (not really).

Entheos origins and philosophy are explained in a world where the options are becoming plentiful.

Vows again are discussed, to personalise or not to personalise. Tips on vow promises when public romance is a bit nerving.

Elements of Ceremonies such as fire, sand, fastening, boxes, trees are all suggested.

Shimming works for all those men still trying to find a receptive partner through slick moves.

Laura highlights how Linda adds to your wedding experience and how her approach facilitates a natural atmosphere. Kids, Dogs, timing, seating, ditch bouquets and more are chatted about.




S07 E05 – Pimp Your Paddy Cap the Party is Coming – Espressos and Rainbows

Guests are coming in thick and fast. Espressos and Rainbows get addressed first of the bat.

The inside track for Partybands Auditions is revealed, as Justin is due to join us on the next episode (da da da da).

The search for music can be daunting so Justin might be able to help find you a beat to bop to.

It is re-confirmed Bill Gates is on the last page of the internet.

Harleys for a choreographed dance? Derek Burke has been lighting fires! Dazing into Pat Fitz Eyes. Maryborough hugs. Steve is an Irish Trad Pimp. DJ’s with big rigs. The whole spectrum of the bands is discussed.




S07 E06 – Partybands – Cork’s Music Mogul Justin

Is Justin of Partybands a JLO wedding coordinator or the Tommy Mottola of Cork Music. 

 DJ Benny is the house! Benny wants to audition! Starting out in the music world? Tommy…I mean Justin of Partybands give loads of great advice. Everything form Marketing to Practice and Building Real World Experience is discussed. Spares!

Partybands are most definitely problem solvers with the array of acts they have at their disposal. Whether you do not know what music you want for your wedding, or cannot find a specific type of act or your band has cleared off. Partybands and Justin use their know to help you out. Justin is a one man search filter for your music needs

Events, Festivals, Pubs and Corporate gigs are also touched on.

Pretty much they can get you the fun stuff.

Day 2 chats as well.

Wedfest! Wedding Expos and Trade Fairs are huge so Justin and his party crew have brought the Festival fever to the scene. You still get the endless options and variety of suppliers, fashions shows etc. but it just has a bit more music in its bones.

Big exclusive, January 19th 2025 is the date for the new year show at Páirc Uí Chaoimh and there will be an autumn show in 2024.

The Lab Cork: Justin co-founded the music rehearsal, recording and prom space. Podcast facilities too. Justin tells us all about the reclaiming of a rundown space to little heaven of creativity.

Live Entertainment, a new website is close to launch, a hub to connect up live acts and bookers.

Tails of a band members are always worth the listen! From starting out to the road.




S07 E07 – Ceremony Singing Paddywhackery on Tinder

Wedding Ceremony Music Ireland

Preshow for this week’s guest Fiona Kennedy. While Fiona brings great depth and knowledge to conversation later in the week, Benny and Laura spin ceremony music conversation into the church advertising mass times on tinder. Paddywhackery a foot, Benny is in search of a hot date for Fiona’s gig.

Are you the Kenmare singer of April 2022?

Banshee jumps to a whole new level.

Eventually, some wedding ceremony music chat prevails, from rock bands in churches to gospel choirs to Maddie Courtney.

Check out:




SO7 E08 – Fiona Kennedy – Ceremony Singer, Songwriter & Independent Musician

None other than Ed Sheran gets called out by Fiona Kennedy. As Fiona played Pairc Ui Chaoimh in 1985 to 60,000 Kris Kristofferson with just her guitar. Stick that up your jumper Ed.

Fiona Kennedy has a rich legacy and an evolving future. Winner of Screen Test, an RTE talent competition in the 80s. Saw Fiona go on to release 4 independent albums.

At the end of March 2024 Fiona self-produced show Natural Woman will debut at the Cork Arts Theatre. Inspired by women, Fiona is a woman to is both talented and inspiring in her own right.

Fiona gives us her full background in Wedding Music and how ceremonies have changed over her career. Great advice is given to those who want the traditional wedding march, to those who do not know what they want at all and how to strike a balance in the church.

Fiona’s talent for songwriting is transferable to wedding ceremonies, as some songs may require a little tweaking. Tips for family and friends singing in the church too. As a wedding supplier we build many connections and Fiona shares some wonderful stories, singing across generations of weddings.

Award Winning in all her music endeavours, Fiona was awarded Wedding Singer of the Year in 2021. Fiona puts that down to the reviews from couples.

Fiona is also available for Drinks Receptions and highly recommended by Benny (and he is a tough cookie!).




S07 E09 – More Cake – Even if you don’t like Cake Jumper

Wedding Cake Ireland

S07 E09 – More Cake – Even if you don’t like Cake Jumper

Benny’s clothes woes continue. Jumpers n Shirts just aint going to cut it.

Speaking of cutting, this episode is a Pre Show for special guest: Broken Spoons, Tara is a Wedding Cake Baker, Maker, Designer.

Benny wants to bring cake into the drinks reception, full time! Cake Walls could be the way to do it. Or slivers allá Baker Boy style.

Can you click your fingers? Blacktye Wedding Band cannot.

Cake could solve the wasted dessert problem.

Shot wall, shout out! Kelly! bespoke_bliss_with_a_twist!



S07 E10 – Broken Spoon Cakes – Tara – Baker, Smile Maker, Artist!

Wedding Cakes Ireland

Finally, Laura and Benny get to meet Tara of Broken Spoon Cakes. Laura is a long time admirer of the smell of Tara’s cakes. Yes! The smell! You know when you walk into a room that the pure quality of Broken Spoon Cakes is on display.

Tara’s expertise, creativity and attention to detail screams across throughout this chat. Tara fears no challenge. Bring on the black! Benny laps up everything as his favourite topic gets a deep dive. Tara continually throws up little nuggets from the inside track of cake making. Roasting chocolate! Think of the children!

Everything from tasting, to designing, to allergies, to food safety is covered off.

Flavours get devoured: mint, salted caramel, Baileys, Guinness, Lemon Curd, champagne strawberry, raspberry bombastic… so much.

Harry Potter extravaganza gets a shout out! The detail people.

Traditional cakes verse Hyper decorated cakes gets a smidgen of a debate.

Education gets a talking, technicalities of cake structures get a briefing, booking in time gets a reminding, Toppers get a trashing, How much cake is enough? More and more!

Toxic flowers people! Who would have thunk! Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!

Allergies, Celiacs, Sopranos. They talked for quite a while.




S07 E11 – Bustle n Tape Benny so Laura can Talk

Wedding Dresses Ireland

S07 E11 – Bustle n Tape Benny so Laura can Talk

Laura’s big birthday celebrations are almost over. Shout out to Clancy’s for a great night out: food, fun, drink and dancing.

The Essentials rocked the night away, Fiona Kennedy’s Show was emotional. Benny slags Laura for being Cork famous.

This is the pre-show for the guest podcast with Diamond Bridal’s Grace. Benny gets his bustle on, throws a filthy question at Laura and Laura gets filthy about her corset.

Whoops warnings are given, Laura is actually helpful about wedding dresses while Benny just keeps stirring it.

Tape it up girls! Try the clothes on lads!




S07 E12 – Diamond Bridal – Wedding Dress Boutique & Bridesmaids Collections

Wedding Dresses Ireland

Grace from Diamond Bridal joined Laura and Benny to share her knowledge of bridal dresses, accessories & bridesmaids dresses. Grace gives great tips for key moments in the bridal wear experience. A must listen whatever stage you are at in your dress journey.

Each to their own first and foremost while shopping, Diamond Bridal can cater off the rack and designer made. Buy for your personality over trends.

Diamond Bridal aim to cater for everyone and to give them an excellent experience. Through private consultations you get advice and guidance.

Grace gives us some incites into the designers of wedding dresses. Jet-setting to fashion shows. Talking about; Randy Fenoli, Enzoani, Rosa Clará, and more! (Élysée, Etoile, Martina Liana, Evie Young, Pen Liv, Libelle, San Patrick & Ria Tener)

Bridal Squad advice, including the honest friend approach to help the bride.

Practicality and Functionality of dresses is discussed. Sleeves, over skirts, short skirts, black dresses, blue dresses! Deep V-s, structure of dresses, veils! So much detail is shared.

Shoe talk! Fitting facts. Tan n Makeup policies. 2 dress decisions.

Hundreds of Bridesmaids options, flower girl tips!

Book in with plenty of advance, particularly weekends.

I think Benny’s mouth got a little taped up in this episode.




S07 E13 – Take Me Back to the Night We Met

Laura’s grey hairs? Benny has good hair, fact.

Pre-Show for the Derek Burke Band guest podcast this week. Derek is a legend in Irish music and one of the nicest blokes you will meet.

Weddings are back this week with Laura and Benny photographing 3 weddings in a row. Laura is giddy to see some humans, have the chats and engage with her wider world of work colleagues. 

Benny fandoms up an anniversary with Arthur Wedding Band. Take Me Back to the Night We Met. Shout out to Jim and Sonya for setting up Benny, Jason and the band.

Laura realises she has to write a speech as matron of honour.

Cake talk again!

Davie of the Seducers comes to mind.

It is good to talk! Don’t forget to socialize people!

Is Laura getting a body cam? Gadget talk.

A bold invite to wedding couples to come on the podcast.



S07 E14 – Derek Burke Band – Recrystallization of an Irish Music Swinger

Derek Burke Band join Laura and Benny as part of their launch marketing tour.

A man of many names, including “your man”, Derek addresses the swingers in the room.

Country true and true, from tractors to jives, music is in Derek’s bones and a showman is in his soul. The energy Derek Burke brings when he is preforming is off the charts.

Derek tells great stories from the early days in Crystal Swing, from the big break and big “hack” that resulted in them going viral (you have to love Irish mammies! “our YouTube is hacked”).

We get the run down on Derek’s love for vintage Motor Bikes and Tractors.

Derek Burke Band will keep you entertained at weddings whether you are 18 or 80, covering a broad spectrum of songs, bringing energy and infectious humour. The professional showman reads the room before the room knows it is a book to be read.

For all the showman Derek is, he has a quality band behind him and offers add-ons of Saxophone and Accordion to boot. You can go bog standard band or all out bells and whistle. Derek’s history in big shows means he has access to the mega setup and knows how to use the best of the best gear.

First Dance talk gets a talking, and great advice in general is given.



S07 E15 – Popcorn Bangers

Pre-Show for Janusz T Photography joining Laura and Benny this week on the podcast.

Some more old age slaggings for Laura. Shout out to Spanish Point, great spot. Getting lost at the Cliffs of Moher. Popcorn behaviour and misbehaviour, Laura is a cheeky bold lady, in a good way.

Valencia, Spain Weddings. Firework Bangers to ring in the celebrations. Benny puts it up to, The Instagram Posers.



Coming this Season

More Banshee the dog, Kingsley is bound to make an appearance.

Weddings wise, Dickie Donnelly – entertainer, Blacktye Wedding Band – Darragh Fantastic, BMG Sound – Billy, Truly Diverse – Kieran & Anthony, Red Church – Eoin, Auntie Katie, Pristine Classic – Helen, Damien Maloney – Celebrant and many many more!

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