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Launch of 2023 Podcasts for the Laura and Benny Show.

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Episode 1 – We are Back

Winter got Laura, and Benny got a belly. Off Season for weddings is over. Laura and Benny chat about the lay of the land in Weddings for 2023 and 2024 for Couples that are just engaged or Couples still in the planning and booking stage.

Flexibility required, is discussed for those couples that have decided to go for 2023 and not wait (those planning within 12 months).

2024 is showing no sign of a slow down. Advice on the balance required if not wanting to go head first into planning and the balance between sitting on “not making plans” for too long (options get squeezed).

Laura can be now found on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@lauraandbennyphotograph




Episode 2 – Just Engaged, Step Back, Have a Chat

Just Engaged to be Married? Step Back. Have a Chat!

Following on from Laura and Benny getting back into the swing of Podcasting. Laura and Benny chat about the importance for newly engaged couples to step back and enjoy the moment of being engaged to be married.

Communication is key through wedding planning and straight for the start be sure to understand what each partner expects, values and is comfortable with. 

At least have a high level chat so when the inevitable flow of information comes your way you can be more aware what is on the table and what is a no go. You do not have to go head first into the finer details early on, when wedding planning.

Benny gets a bit shirty about exact orders of to do lists. Laura feels for couples and senses the stresses. Source of Funds are touched on. Surveys are a good guide but limited by generalisations. Whatever your plans Venues and Vendors are flexible so check with them for options. A Save the Date tip too.




Episode 2.5 – Just Engaged – Getting into the Detail

If you are ready for the detail or just want to know what is in the weeds, here is a Where to start planning your Wedding? guide video to wet your appetite.


Episode 3 – December & February

While Laura and Benny have December and February on the brain they get it all out. Everything from new bank holidays, weather, cake, rugby!

Last Part from the first sitting, Laura and Benny discuss December and February Weddings while those months are fresh in the memory.

Laura gets over her winter delirium to big up crisp, dry, low light in December. Solid advice is given for the unavoidable cold regarding photoshoots and how to game the elements. Notice tips for people getting time of work. Benny wants to cut the cake and eat it.

February with its fancy new bank holiday is buzzing. Light is no longer an issue. Snow talk. Foliage warning. Rugby George! Eh? Six Nations and World Cup, 2023 is the year of the Rugby being watched at your wedding!




Episode 4 – Wedding Couple – Kate & Luke

Laura and Benny are joined for the first time by a Wedding Couple that they have photographed. Kate & Luke got married in 2022 and are delighted to share their Wedding Day story.

Kate & Luke’s story is great as they remained true to their personalities and what they really wanted on from their celebrations.

A video clip of Kate’s Wedding Dress being cut has gone viral with over 2 million views. We hear all about Kate’s father making the dresses and the impromptu wedding day alteration #cutthedress .

Dad reveal explained by Luke as he had a great private moment with their daughter Ivy before the ceremony.

To vow or not to vow, the tricky business of personalised vows is discussed.

The trail blazing fun city photoshoot Kate and Luke envisioned, planned and executed despite the rain. Including the tribulations of a huge wedding dress/train.

All round positivity!

DIY tips and truths are laid bare.

Kate and Luke had great advised like:

Balance to your wedding day is adding key to happiness.

Whatever goes wrong you can choose to lean in many directions but really takes something epic to impact a day badly so don’t let anything get you down.




Episode 5 – Kids at Weddings

To kid or not to kid, I am not kidding! Tips form what Laura and Benny see at Wedding whether you decide to invite the little monsters or not.

Episode 6 – Wedding Couple – Kacie & Darren

Running Fertility Haka Toasted Waterworks, Gently…

Noisy bunch today. Kacie and Darren got married in May 2022 in Killarney, Kerry. They came in to share their story to highlight the importance of having fun on your wedding day no matter what happens. Kacie and Darren’s hotel flooded amongst other hiccups but it did bother them.

Benny checks in with Darren on how he managed to balance up going out the night before without going too far. Being on location for your wedding can be tricky, not being with home comforts but Kacie and Darren recommend it. Think house rental plus hotel room.

They wrote their own vows, did unique speeches and an epic first dance.

TikTok generation is crashing through, how to use Social Media on your wedding day with losing time.

Experiences meant Kacie wanted a fun morning, time and no stress. Darren didn’t want a director of a photographer.

Receiving line conundrum is discussed, family photos, drinks in the park (so bold!), a running photoshoot, doing a dog on the cake, bestman’s toast, dress choice, threat yourself on the day and so much more is talked through.

Laura and Benny see a lot but what fun did they miss afterwards? #fertilityhaka and more revealed.

The noise level of the podcast was incredible, enjoy the listen.




Episode 7 – Exit to Bell – Timing and Order

The time between when you exit your wedding ceremony and the bell rings for dinner service is tricky and froth with choices. So what to do and how not to do the things you choose to do.

Laura and Benny is this short episode try to flag some of the ways you can help yourself enjoy the brief time window and spend the time doing what you value.

First up is the receiving line debacle, to shake hands, hugs n kisses for all or run for the hills! Lots of variations, lots of opinions for all types of personalities.

Herding humans and the Family portraits, are family reliable? Who will be missing? Who will be messy? Communicate, box smart and weight up what you value. Not doubling up.

Bridal Party, location logistics, drive time, remove repetition, variety of backdrop, orders and let people go. All that advice and more!

Guests on the move, settling in to the venue and ready to welcome the couple.

Down times that the couple get! Don’t forget to eat and drink.

Don’t forget your entertainment!




Episode 8 – Speeches

The topic that shall not be mentioned! From the fear of long speeches, to not doing speeches at all. The varying degrees of speeches are discussed by Laura and Benny.

New wave speeches vs the historic approach. When to have speeches, where to have speeches, the order of speeches. Pretty much all the ins and outs of speeches.

Allocating time limits, windows, taking the venues advice!

Importance of an M.C.

Heckling is ok (oh no it isn’t!).

When props go work. 

This is a long episode in honour of all the guests that had to sit through that speech!




S06 E14 – Back Again – Summer Wedding Overview

Laura and Benny return after an extremely busy summer of photographing Weddings. Giving an overview of what went down and what people should expect to come, on the Wedding front.

Laura reads out some love letters as Benny rocks a holiday shirt as Ireland finally gets some sun after a wet summer (think Hawaii vibes or Miami Vice).

The ever changing weather is discussed, hopes for an Autumn this year. The climate change fears. Plans A, Bs and Cs are touched on.

Weddings in Ireland seem to be as busy as they have ever been, the vendor hunt is definitely on for all services. (Benny says “lay of the land” a lot)




Episode 15 – Media Content Creation on your Wedding Day

The topic of Social Media content creation reaching new heights beyound Wedding Ceremonies (think unplugged ceremonies etc.).

The growing norm is your whole wedding day is an opportunity for content. Whether it be vendors, family or guests that are using a device to capture media content. Whether you asked them to or whether they asked you if it is ok to record.

Personalities and attitudes to Media are so varied whatever end of the recording device you are on.
Laura outlines how attitudes and acts impact the Mornings and various other parts of the wedding day.
The need for balance in each individual day is discussed. The importance of the brides or grooms to communicate what they are ok with or what they are not happy with.

Behind the Scenes recording is becoming more prominent. What to watch out for is discussed.
Humans have always raced to be first, to be best and content is no different. People recording content, need to consider what is appropriate, when is an appropriate time to post and that first and foremost it is a wedding day, not a marketing opportunity or social credit scoring chance.

Watch out for bad tips! Logic should flush out what pit falls await certain tips.


Episode 16 – First Look & Pre-Ceremony Photoshoots Summary

As seasons change and lighting slips away into Autumn and Winter, First Looks and Pre-Ceremony Shoots are considered. Laura and Benny do a summary the options available and give some crucial tips (flower arrival time, who needs to be ready when etc.).

We are talking Couple Only First Look, + Couple Photoshoot, + Bridal Shoot and + Family Shoot. Kids discussed too.

Benny harps on about Leave Time over Ceremony Time.

Travel impacts are addressed.

Venue situations are highlighted (to be seen or not to be seen).

It really is all about balance, communication and timing.

Laura has exciting news! Is she a Matron of Honour or a Maid of Honour? Laura was asked to be bridesmaid for one of her very best friends.

Shout out to Danny and Anthony who shared all their knowledge of specific venues (for Laura’s very best friends).

Kingsley (the white cat) is now just hanging out on the podcast. Benny rocks a new mug!



Episode 17 – Wedding Gifts – Ireland

How much to give? How much to expect to receive?

After recently giving advice to friends and family, Laura and Benny share their take on Wedding Gifts.

God Bless the days of brown envelopes because cash is king in Ireland’s Wedding Gift Circles. Physical gifts are rare. But how much do people actually gift? Caution and realism is needed!

Balance what you spend vs what you expect in return. The range of gifts taps out at a certain monetary value so don’t presume if you spend more, you get more back.

Laura time hops back a generation, to the land of toasters! Benny does some average gestimations.

How to pick a gift amount is suggested and the helpful tradition of dropping in a card before the big day is flagged.

Other brief money topics include: pre-wedding costs, couples gifting to each other and couples gifting to everyone!

Remember whatever your situation, if you got invited people want you there.



Coming this Season

Constantly looking for different chats, Laura and Benny will be getting past wedding couples to chat to us. Kieran from Truly Diverse Wedding Band will be calling in, buddies Ger the Magician and Gordon the Videographer will be calling in (they promise). Many many more guest from close to home and further afield too.

Email: info@lauraandbennyphotography.com