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Fernhill House is one of our favourite venues to photograph weddings, this is simply down to the variety of aesthetic locations available on site. Between the outdoor ceremony area, marquee and main house it is like three locations in one.

The outdoor wedding ceremony area on what was traditionally a lawn tennis court means you are on a beautiful green grass easy on the heals. Smooth, cut tight, the red carpet aisle really pops out of the lush green grass leading up to a solid wooden garden awning that holds its own as a ceremony focal point. This is a great option for those having a spiritual or humanist wedding ceremony.

The marque, a semi-permanent structure (usually up April to September) is a fantastic additional area away from the main house. Mock bay windows the full circumference of The Marque allow the maximum amount of light into the extravagant tent. Perfect for a wedding drinks reception or on the right summers evening an outdoor meal.

Between the outdoor ceremony area and the marque lies a beautiful waterfall and fountain feature. This area of the garden is intertwined with wooden walk ways, mini bridges and awnings. A wedding photographer’s dream for capturing the newly weds special day. Beyond the marque there are bamboo and cherry blossom gardens. 2016 sees the emergence of a newly designed pond surrounded by individually planted trees and plants. Wedding couples past were invited to plant the new trees to reaffirm their connection with this remarkable venue. Such acts are a touch of class by the hands on and professional O’Neill family.

That all said there is still time to talk about the main house and hotel. The new refurbished banqueting room stands against any in Cork and with a large bay window overflow area, it stands above most. The lightly in the hall is excellent, and the colour lighting settings are of the most modern as expected. The main bar is quaint and full of character. The Killgarriffe Room offers backup to any weather mishaps and indeed a fine room for those having a civil ceremony. It is easy to overlook the reception area that can cater for a drinks reception also.

Above all else the staff are an exemplary testament to the O’Neill family. Fernhill House is an excellent venue down to the dedication of the O’Neill family and the manner that the hotel staff exudes is from the O’Neill family of polite friendliness, excellent service and genuine class of character. They are hands on for your wedding day and you will get the service you expect.

Fernhill House Hotel & Gardens is located in Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.

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