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A sample album of Kate and Geoffrey’s Wedding Day at Ballinacurra House, Kinsale, Cork.

More About Ballinacurra House Kinsale, Cork.

Ballinacurra House Kinsale may well be the definition of bespoke. Each room has its own unique feel. Decor from around the world creates interesting backdrops to all wedding photographs taken in doors. Each room from the bar, lounges, dining area, to each and every bedroom has a unique theme. There is even a separate Cuban Cocktail bar/shack. The vast variety of themes does work together as each room is warm and inviting.

Traditionally a manor house, the front lawn is excellent for wedding drinks receptions. Plenty of space to capture a group photograph. Leading to an outdoor tabled area that has a Mediterranean feel. Prefect to let your wedding guest mingle. The cool continental colours slip inside to a blue room perfect for shots of the wedding couple and family photographers. This room can later double as a dance floor. Initially it may look small but it works extremely well for first dances, creating an intimate space that transcends to the rest of the night of partying.

When you see a quality service with a truly friendly approach it really stands out. Ballinacurra House’s staff are extreme friendly and the service is impeccable. When you see such service is very much worth noting. The dining room has an excellent balance between natural light through bay doors and candle lit, reflecting via the many mirrors cleverly placed throughout the banqueting room.

At the bottom of the long pristine lawn that would make any greens man proud,  is a forest walk leading to a small jetty pier in an alcove to the River Bandon. Water being a key pull for Kinsale you do not miss out at Ballinacurra house despite being hidden away in the countryside of south west Cork. The pier is spectacular for wedding photographs.

There is a slip road down to the pier and a quick spin may be optimal to getting the bride and groom past the lawn and forest walk on their special day. At the foot of the forest walk from the pier side there is easy access to a red stairs and red mini bridge that make excellent photograph options for the wedding couple. There is also a swing tucked away if a bride is daring enough to catch a fairy tale wedding photograph of her dress swinging in a wooded back drop.

All in all there is a lot more to Ballinacurra House: trinkets, nooks and crannies, excellent for photographing your wedding day.