Wedding Photographers Personality

Wedding Photographers Personality

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You may well spend more time with your wedding photographer than you will with your partner on your wedding day. Well, up to a certain point. Your wedding photographer may be with you from the morning preparation until the first dance. With you traditionally not seeing your partner until the ceremony, you may have already spent two or three hours with your photographer. Wedding photographers personality should therefore be on the fore front of your list off considerations.

For that reason alone, choosing your photographer is crucial. Choosing a personality that fits your personality is very important. You must be comfortable with your wedding photographer. Also consider how your photographer will interact with your family and guests on the day. Rather than preach about a preferable type of personality I advise you to trust your gut instinct along with having a good conversation with your photographer.

When talking with your wedding photographer, try to gauge their temperament. How do they react to certain questions? How do you think they will react when asked something on your wedding day? How do you think hey will react to certain situations that may arise on your wedding day? Are you confident their behaviour will be the right thing on your wedding day?

From the perspective of having two photographers at your wedding. Have you met the second photographer? Have you met both photographers together, to see how they interact? Interact with you and interact with themselves. While meeting a photographer themselves is one thing, throwing another personality into the mix is another.

Your wedding photographer can potentially influence the atmosphere of the day. Make sure you know what you are getting as much as possible before the big day.

Trust. Do you trust what your wedding photographer is telling you? Are they behaving in their true personality? Trust your own gut instinct and that of your partners. To truly do that, do your research and it will stand to you.

Make sure you view our Portfolio and see how we capture the personality of your day and of you and your guests.

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