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About Laura and Benny, they are a husband and wife Wedding Photography team. We have been there, done that, laughed and cried. Our wedding day was one of the happiest and best days of our lives. We want to experience and capture your wedding day and help you have one of the happiest days of your lives. Our photos will allow you to look back, remember and relive your wedding day.

We’d really like to meet you, hear your plans for your special day and  give us a chance to show you our personalities and friendliness, but for now here is a little bit about ourselves and some feedback…

“I was so blessed to have Laura and Benny on my wedding day. They are two wonderful people so passionate about their photography yet so interested in my special photos wishes. They are extremely a pleasure to work with, so friendly and attentive. I enjoyed looking at every shot they took on my wedding day. The quality is top class and I was so impressed at the angles that they took some shots at. They really are true professionals. Thank you Laura and Benny will totally recommend you.” Josephine Moynihan

“Amazing photographers. So lucky to have had Laura and Benny with us on our wedding day. Would highly recommend them to anyone getting married. So many of my guests have commented how professional and nice they were. Photos are just amazing.” Sara Horan

“I now will have beautiful photographs to remember the best day my life!!!! Extremely nice and genuine couple that were an absolute pleasure to deal with, definately reccomend them to anyone.” Olga Forde

“We are so thrilled to have had Laura and Benny as our wedding photographers. The photos are stunning and capture the day, the atmosphere, the people and many wonderful moments so beautifully. I didn’t realise before our wedding how much of an impact the photographers have on the day – Laura and Benny were not only super professional, but brought such warmth, sensitivity and joy to their work. From our first phone call, their attention to detail was striking. They listened to everything we wanted and we could not be happier with the results!” Jane Moriarty

Laura and Benny Photography 360 Degree Profile Cork

Laura and Benny Photography 360 Degree Profile Cork Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

While 360 is great, meeting us in person is probably best!

Below is a brief introduction as to who we are, but we think it is best to meet up and have a chat to really see who we are.

If you are unable to meet in person, we could always have a video call over Skype, Facetime or the likes. Otherwise, do feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.


I am a photographer living in Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland. A Cork woman born and raised by the sea and country side, I was fortunate enough to grow up amidst spectacular scenery. That and with an innate artistic view to everything in life, I developed a passion for photography.

I originally studied Interior Architecture and Lighting Design in Cork Institute of Technology. Before the recession in 2008, that seems like a life time ago, I was an Interior Lighting Designer for domestic, commercial and retail projects. You may have seen some of my work in many of Corks night life spots, restaurants or at the award winning lighting design at Rocky Island crematorium. At that time, I did not think that the skills I gained over the years creating, designing and illuminating architectural spaces would be the first step in following the light to wedding photography.

I truly enjoy photographing and capturing the emotion people display and the connection they have with each other. The best photographs I have shot are when people forget the camera is there. The best way I find in achieving that, is a balance between making people feel at ease by connecting with them and by fading into the background of the situation.

I am very much a people person and interacting with so many people on a wedding day suits my personality and allows me to give so much more to the couples’ big day. 


Dublin born and bred and still attached, I just forgot to go home from Cork.

The techie of the pair, bringing a balance to our team. I love the changes changes photography technology have taken over the last 15 years. How technology has allowed people enjoy photography and share their photos with friends and family at ease, instantly.

Somewhere in that timeline of technology leaping forward I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Nokia N95, a camera phone with a Flash! This was rare in 2007, it was 3 years before an IPhone had a camera flash. “Who made that camera and who gave it to that man?!” cried my best friend as everything and everywhere was now in photographic reach form my pocket. The Nokia N95 travelled with me from Dublin to London, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Los Angles to somehow living on the island of Cobh County Cork. Always capturing moments and always sharing photos. I am constantly snapping, recording and being creative, documenting my and the people’s around me memories.

Weddings were therefore a natural fit for using my photography skills and knowledge of technology. Allowing you to have access to all of your photos (pronto), allowing you to share your photos in formats you prefer, in secure methods.

You can really tell when someone has put their heart and their soul into expressing their love, in front of their world on their wedding day. It is hard not to watch and be in awe, record it in your brain (and not your camera) and let emotions grab you. But as wedding photographers we love capturing those moments (and do). Those emotions fly into the camera lens, photographing them is a great experience. That’s not to say those who are more conservative in their own approach are any less of an experience, it is their own way of celebrating, and that comes across, when you do it your own way and the joy shines through, in all light.

Laura and Benny Photography 360 Degree Profile Dublin

Laura and Benny Photography 360 Degree Profile Dublin Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Laura and Benny have photographed Weddings internationally as well as nationally and look forward to hearing about your Wedding Day. They want to help you have your special day how you envisioned it.

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