Blarney Castle wedding photographs

Blarney Wedding


A sample collection of photographs from Olga and Mark’s big day. A beautiful family wedding visiting Blarney Castle for photographs. We truly enjoyed capturing every moment of your special day.

More About Blarney Castle, Cork

Blarney Castle itself is a great location for wedding photographs and the deeper you go into the more rewarding it is. After passing the initial entrance to the Garden Gardens you are welcome to green area worthy of any good garden. All year round you will get different foliage that acts as an excellent backdrop to wedding photographs. Even if the weather is against you a quick dash out to this tree and planted area would get you by when the Irish weather is acting up.

Walking further along the main route to Blarney Castle you will see a variety of plants and flowers. Giving more colour to the photographs you capture. The wishing bridge adds a touch of water. Make sure you flick a coin in and wish the best for your future married life.

After the bridge you’ll enter the Cherry Walk. Depending on the season you may have the trees decorated in woollen sleeves around their trunk. You may even be privy to some musical entertainment.

Left of the Cherry Walk an open grass area with some trees. This grass area is the Castle Field Arboretum. This is the spot to get the fantastic Blarney Castle in the background of your wedding photographs. Venturing over the next small bridge up to the Castle will give you a chance to get a photo cross a wooden bridge to a flowered area just at the foot of the Castle. At the right time of year the colour of the flowers really is great.

You may not want to kiss the Blarney Stone on your wedding day but if you venture up the Castle level there is a beautiful rose archway. Again if you are lucking there may well be decorations hanging, ribbons or butterflies and such.

Blarney Castle is in close proximity to many wedding venues 8 kilometres north west of Cork City and their accommodation of wedding couples is very much appreciated.

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